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Quote:Originally posted by Spencer's Mum:
Quote:Originally posted by Katrena:
I think it would be silly to ban animal research--especially on food and products consumed by animals.
So you think it's ok for a company to cage beagles their whole lives and cut chunks out of their muscle? To leave them laying there when they can barely move? Because that is what Iams did, there was video on it.

I do not condone animal research in any way other than free feeding in the home, never in a research lab. And even then, there have been cases where they will starve the dog for a few days then feed the food to them and see what happens. It's not right. Animals do not have a voice to fight, so we have to fight for them.
oh boy, here we go.
ive never heard the story behind this animal testing from this company. but we really gotta becareful about what we hear and where it came from. i know animal testing happens, and i do think its wrong. i do also agree with the fact WE are the voices for the animals of the world.
we honestly should be screaming at this point, but few really are. my case in point is this.
i belong to another forum on the net. there was a thing going around about the toyota hybrid cars.
this thing was all over the net too. some of you might have seen it. it was toyota hybrid vs the hummer. it was about how bad the hybrid really was for the enviroment vs how good the hummer really was. the biggest point was how the battery that runs the car is a nickle product and all the enviromental damage around these nickle mines.
which is true. the nickle mines have miles of dead earth,plants, and animals around there locations. very very toxic stuff. the author claimed that toyota was at fault for all this mess
and ect ect ect. well a activest on the sight was really ripping up toyota and so was everybody else
reading his claims. what he didnt realize is that i work for toyota. his claims about all the damage are correct. but he blamed toyota for this due to their batteries. i had to shut the conversation down at this point. i informed everybody that toy didnt make the batteries, infact they are supplied by panasonic. and his claim on nickle was correct, but i again informed folks that nickle is in just about every metal we come in contact with, even in our own homes.
well a month ago, the guy that started this very damaging email and case report was located. he said he wrote the report because his college prof. drove a toy hybrid and that he himself drove a hummer. there was a report done by this guys group on the damage done by modern automobiles to the planet. the prof failed the groups report due to the lack of evidence to support their project. my point, dont believe everything you hear about a company. its pretty easy for a EX employee to do damage because something didnt go their way. the net is an easy tool to get the damage done. im not saying that they are not guilty of animal testing ok, but theres ways to find out for ourselves, and to look deeper into the claims. if this is true, the PETA website im sure will talk about this or at least have a listing on it. if its found to be true then folks need to stop buying their products. w/o $$ they cant do their testing.
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