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Quote:Originally posted by Jennifer:
There's a saying that goes with any news whether it be sourced from newspapers, TV or the internet which is,

"if you only believe a quarter of what you read and half of what you see you are someway to discovering the truth"

I'm totally against animal testing but well aware that it goes on and I know without a doubt that I have many products in my home that have been tested on animals.

But, there are instances when animal testing is necessary. Drugs needed to save lives are first tested on animals. All the everyday drugs we take like painkillers, cold remedies, antihistamines etc. have all been tested on animals at some stage but that doesn't stop us taking them.

My question really is are these animals treated cruelly or humanely and what are the alternatives to animal testing.
ditto to that

We are complaining that not enough research were done on all medications and were pushed out to the market, then WE are the guinea pig. After certain years, oops recall! Sometimes it is too late already, like the vioxx, advandia and many more.
What can we do, do more research in order to save life of a human being, this can be ourselves or our love ones.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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