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crock of...dog poop from a dog that as been fed Iams dog food ? :biglaugh:

I agree completely agree with Spencer's Mum. I compare dog food ingredients all the time! Have you actually really looked at the ingredients in their dog food? Seriously on their own website look what they list for ingredients for their lamb meal and rice dry dog food:

I would be interested to know what she says about where these apparently horrible inaccurate lies came from if Iams is such a wonderful company which so much care and concern about the health and welfare of dogs.

Quote:Originally posted by Spencer's Mum:
I think it's a huge crock of .....

Take a look at the promise site, they say that they promise the best quality vet recomended food. Give me a break. Have you ever looked at their list of ingredients? It is all fillers and garbage.

I absolutely hate Iams as you an likely tell so I guess I have a biased opinion.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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