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I feel like a bad mom!

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I took Charlee to the vet this morning because he's been itching since we brought him home. They gave me an antihistamine and a creme rinse in case he has dry skin or an allergy of some sort. Charlee isn't used to the car yet so he whined and screamed the whole way there and back. When I finally got home, I put him on the grass and he let out a piercing yelp. I think he got stung by a bee on his paw! Bad enough I tortured him by going in the car and to the vet and now this! He's walking fine on the paw and it doesn't seem swollen but he licks it and favors it now and then. Guess it was a good thing I got the antihistamine. He's sleeping now. Poor baby.
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Please don't feel like a bad mom -- you were a good beagle mom for taking Charlee to the vet!
If Charlee doesn't mind being bathed (and you can always make it a fun time with treats), you might try a nice, soothing oatmeal shampoo and then use the cream rinse from the vet. If his paw didn't swell up, it might have just been an ant bite. If he still seems to be bothered by it, you can hold a warm, wet compress/cloth on his paw to quiet it down. One thought about the car -- be sure to take Charlee for short rides that end up at good places so he doesn't always associate the car with going to the vet. Charlee is going to get into so many more adventures as he grows up -- you've only just begun!
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It is hard being a pup - he will be just fine - a little TLC is in order however.
I'm not belittling your feelings, but don't be too hard on yourself, some of us (myself included) messed up worse.

Charlee will be fine, as mentioned already, a little TLC will go a long way with Charlee. About the car, you can get him used to it gradually. At first just put him in the car and play with him in it, then start the engine, a day after that repeat and when you think he is comfortable with it, go for a 2-3 minute drive. You'll see - he will be fine
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Don't be hard on yourself. You were being a good mommy by taking Charlee to get relief for his itching.
The bee sting was completely out of your control.
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Poor little Charlee. He sure had a rotten puppy day. Don't feel bad, you were doing the things that good Beagle moms do. I was so luck with Jersey and the car. She's great! Although I was worried when I first got her. I adopted her from my local Beagle Rescue as a pup. I got to the meetup location before the foster mom did. When the woman pulled in I could hear Jersey screaming her head off and I was still in my car. I was so worried...5 minutes in my car and she was out like a light and we've never had any problems. She sits nicely and just watches out the window.
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