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I can't help but make fun of max funny incident this weekend

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Oh boy so i was doing dishes this weekend and cleaning brownies out of the brownie pan...well i hit the bottem of it to pop them out man you would have thought a bomb went off by the way max ran he ran right into the living room and up onto erics lap and just stared at me...."thats not funny mom what the heck was that"

On another funny note he is also terrified of the laundry basket I had my foot by it and apparently it was making a funny noise cuz he cowered and growled...i moved my foot again and he was off running wimpering down the steps lol i felt bad but couldn't help but laugh at him silly guy

ETA: He is almost 8 monthes now
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Myra is afraid of some strange noises too. She's not bothered all that much by the vacuum cleaner, however we have some metal swivel stools in our kitchen and if you spin one and walk away, the metal humming noise it makes drives her NUTS! She runs around the corner, and peeks out to see if its ok to come back... :rotflmao:
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