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I am sad

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Well my new foster is not working well and he has to go into another foster home with no other dogs(he has been fighting alot with my other dogs).I have to crate them in rotation and it is not fair to any of them
.As some people know he was my very first foster with beagle paws and was returned recently because he wasn't fond of the cat and placed back with me.I was trying my best to help all the dogs in my house but there is only so much i can do for the fosters that join me.
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Kass' Mom, Don't feel bad because you are looking out for the foster pup's best interest, more importantly, that of your dogs. Taking in a foster can be quite an experience, and I hope that your next one will be like part of the family.
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Awww, that is too bad, but it really sounds like you have done the best you can with him... and also that he was doing much better with you before he went to his supposed forever home (what exactly did they do to him there?)

And remember that you clearly did an OUTSTANDING job with Jakey/Buzz, your second foster, who is an amazing little guy!
Thanks for all the kind words,I am making a vet appointment for him today to make sure he is not sick or anything,Maybe we can find out the cause for this that way.
Well i had a suggestion to bath all the dogs so they would all smell the same(was not sure if it would work but worth a try) and the dogs haven't fought all day..... not sure if it was the bath or what but it is a very good thing.
That's very interesting. I hope the truce continues.
Well it is day 2 and still no fights,I am excited about this.
That is GOOD news! Sometimes it just takes a new kid a while to integrate into an existing pack. I've been very fortunate, as many dogs as I've had in here - (I have done some unofficial fostering), plus adding several adult dogs to my pack, and it sometimes takes them a while to get comfortable with the others. Lottie has been here about 3 years now - and while she's fine with the others when they're outside, she refuses to come downstairs to the family room (where MOST of us - 8 beagles and ME - spend most of our time), unless the others are outside. If it's just Chloe and me, she'll come downstairs, otherwise, she spends her time upstairs alone. She does sleep with Chloe and me at night - tho they're really NOT what I would call friends - they tolerate each other.
That's so great!
Hopefully whatever it is will continue to work.
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Wow - what a great idea... and fingers and paws crossed that it continues to do the trick.

PS: Buzz is curled up and snoring beside me as I type this on my laptop. He is doing soooooooo well - what an awesome little guy. Popcorn has stopped looking at him like she just wants him to go back and live with you again - this afternoon the two of them decided to work together to torment Moose, who took it in his usual good Moosie way!
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