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<span style="color: #FF0000">Do any of you beagles know how to hunt?</span>
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Originally Posted By: KelliShaverYesterday, Elvis treed my kid.
ROTFL FUNNIEST THING EVERRRRRRR please tell me u took a picture.
Daisy and Rocky are master lizard hunters, but mostly when we visit my parents. We don't have too many lizards around here. Which really is a good thing because they try to sneak them into the house when they catch them. Yuck!
Ike was trained to hunt, but he is gun shy. born that way. Morrg isnt trained we tried that it was horrible for her and me. she cried for me all night.
ikey can melt a rabbit as hubby says. but he seems happy being a couch potatoe.
Daisy likes to scent, and she is quite good at it, but she's not a hunter per se - she won't kill or grab things she catches and she traces the scent, not prey.
Bodie hunted a hot dog today! Brien thought it would be fun to see if he would follow a trail. He dragged the hot dog all through the back yard and then hid it out in the front yard on top of some rocks. Then, he let Bodie out in the back yard and he followed the trail almost perfectly from the back yard to the front. He needed a little help when he got to the front yard, got slightly distracted by other scents. However, he got right back on track and promptly gobbled the goodies upon discovering them. He's only four months old so we were quite impressed!
My two stalk any squirrels that run along our fence, birds on the ground, and bunnies, but I don't think they've caught anything as a dynamic duo. As a solo dog, Spock has caught a very live toad and a very dead, very flat frog. Bleugh.
My Buddy would hunt if I would allow it ... he tracks the scent of bunnies that have run through the yard (it's completely fenced, I have no idea how those bunnies get in there!) and he has a distinctive bay that he lets out when he picks up that scent. Dugan then reacts, and Bailey is close behind. Agnes doesn't give a rat's behind, and so far Snoopy hasn't joined in the excitement. Funnily enough, we all go off-leash at the dog park and no bunnies seem to get in there (it's fully fenced too) ... so I hope the neighbours don't mind a little baying once in a while. I usually get out there and snap them out of it. On leash walks, they're always nose down, tail up. Can't aviod it. I love it! Beagles are the best.
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21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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