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<span style="color: #FF0000">Do any of you beagles know how to hunt?</span>
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Mine's only 4 months and he's killed probably 5 or 6 chipmunks, tried to go after a possum but we grabbed him before hand, and chased some baby skunks (there were 4) around the yard i think he just didn't know which one to go for first so they all survived. He keeps trying to stalk the canadian geese that try to sit in our pool, its soo funny he's so catlike when he stalks them. He hasn't been able to nab one yet, good thing too since their like twice his size. The good part is that he isn't much of a howler, even when he's scenting. We weren't really surprised aparently his father and mother were both Trial dogs who actively hunt. I'm going to take him to his first trial in feb. We'll see how that goes
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Originally Posted By: KelliShaverYesterday, Elvis treed my kid.
ROTFL FUNNIEST THING EVERRRRRRR please tell me u took a picture.
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