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Now at 3 weeks with our new boy and I am really at the end of my tether, not necessarily just because iof issues but more that I cannot see light at the end of the tunnel. I think I have made a lot of mistakes along the way but am starting to think that I am not up to it but do not want to be that person who takes their dog back but I am so close to throwing in the towel.

Mistake number one was I live alone, my kids come and stay every other weekend, often more frequently but mostly it is just me so I have no help, I work from home 100% so am at home, I would never have got a dog if I was out all day.
I was sick for the first week too which really did not help either. I had a couple of weeks off but I am thinking now that a month minimum off of work was probably needed.

Choosing a Beagle - Yes I know wrong forum to say that! We have 2 cats so my reseach was focussed on what dogs are good with cats and Beagles seemed to figure near the top of all such lists. 3 weeks on this is not the case at all, my house still needs to be separated as the cats are scared of him. It is overly rough play rather than anything really aggressive but if anything it is getting worse not better. It is not fair on the cats who were here first and is an extra layer of difficulty.

Toilet Training has been 1 step forward 3 steps back, my house has a hard floor which on the surface seems good for clean up but I am not sure it is, there are cracks between each panel so with each accident some must seep down between them and is impossible to cleanup 100%. Therefore despite taking him outside and rewarding each time etc etc I honestly do not think he can tell the difference between inside and out and thinks the lounge floor is fair game. The good days are really only because I spot the signs quickly and take him out rather than him actually learning at least that is how it feels. That is not sustainable of course. I feel totally helpless with this one as there are not many spots where he has not pee'd and despite my best efforts my downstairs is probably fell of scent now

Separation anxiety - Which when coupled with toilet training is the perfect storm even leaving the room for a few minutes but still in ear shot usually results in an accident so I am left with crating him or putting him his garden run just to pop to the toilet or make a cup of tea! Ironically overnight in his crate he is fine and also seems fine if I go out so it seems to be if he knows I am still in the house.

My garden - Stupid mistake but I did not realise that I had a lot of toxic plants and shrubs, Wisteria, Virginia Creeper, St John's Wort, Clematis, some palm thing to name a few. I had a mad rush to cut them all down but with leaves remaining, some coming over from next door and an area I am not really sure about I have been reluctant to let him out in the garden. I got a run which is about 5mx3m, he likes it especially in the afternoon when the sun is out but it feels like I am cheating so do not over use it. I guess In feel like crating him or putting him the run while I do something is not addressing the real issue an I also have to carry him out to it to avoid him bolting around the rest of the garden.

Biting - He has been quite aggressive with certain toys and also has periods of basically hanging off of my trousers, shorts shirt etc or biting me. This has got worse too, in the first week or so he would sit by my feet and lick me now he just bites Trying redirecting techniques but so far no dice, usin g his rope toy works to a degree but just ends up making him more aggressive as he gets pretty hyper after a rope wrestle! As for visitors he goes totally crazy!

I honestly cannot remember being as stressed and unhappy and I am angry with myself for how narrow my research was I was so worried about getting a dog that would be good with cats I overlooked the broader stuff. The only thing keeping me going is that I can take him out from tomorrow but deep down I know that is unlikely to change much unless I properly resolve the above and if I do not I will have an unsustainable situation. Has anybody else been similarly near the end of their tether? if so how did you push through it? Would it be wrong to call this and take him back?

For those that read this far sorry for the long post!
All good suggestions in the replies above. A puppy is hard work but I hope you can stick it out. Agree better to research training than spending money on a trainer right now. Beagles are very sensitive and respond to positive rewards and praise. Punishment results in fear. I’m allergic to cats so I’ve never had any but you must teach your beagle correct behavior toward them. He’s a puppy and won’t know right from wrong. It’s like raising children, you have to teach. Puppyhood is hard but sounds like you are making good progress in toilet training. I wouldn’t leave a puppy outside unsupervised just yet and it can hamper the toilet training. Stay on the forum to talk about frustrations, it helps to share! Most here have been in your shoes. My beagle lived 18 years, you and your children will be rewarded with much love and joyful times with him.
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