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Choosing a puppy is a big decision as your new friend will be with you a great number of years. Picking a puppy from its litter is really matching the best puppy which compliments your families life style. For example if you are hearty out door types who take bracing hikes and are outgoing a bold confident dog may suit, but if you are quiet and have a sedate peaceful lifestyle a slightly less bouncy dog may be better.

As a rule of thumb when picking, it is best to go for a middle of the road puppy who is balanced and not too wild or not too nervous. Often if you are allowed to pick from the entire litter you puppy may pick you and you’ll know that’s the one or the breeder may match you with several puppies she/he feels meet your requirements, it all depends. The personalities of the puppies may vary from active to passive.

Your prospective puppy should be one that looks healthy, who is dashing about, with a free and easy movement. Make sure he has bright clean eyes, his coat should be shiny and he is happy to make friends. Any signs of coughing or diarrhea are not good. The ears of a healthy puppy should be pink and clean with no discharge, a healthy nose will be cold and wet and again no discharge, the breath should smell sweet.

Don’t take a home a sickly puppy even if your heart is torn, a sickly puppy will cost a fortune in vet bills, anxiety and heartbreak.

The breeder should let you take the prospective puppy you like out of the puppy pen or room away from its litter mates to see how he interacts away from them and with you on a one to one basis.

Most puppies will be ready to leave the breeder by about eight weeks and the breeder will possibly have lots of questions for you and will not be offended if you have lots of questions for them, its shows concern and care and thoughtfulness.

Take your time picking, the longer you have to look and study the puppies, the better your understanding will be and you will be happy with the choice of your new baby.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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