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How to pick out a puppy?

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I haven't seen them yet as they are located in another town right now, and it will be next weekend before i see them.

Plus since they are just born, i know i won't be able to see any trait in them.

but what should i keep an eye for when picking a puppy.
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Thats a really difficult question as they are so young. Normally when pups are about 6 weeks old one says dont take the lethargic one, take the lively one. However, we were proven wrong by this when our beagles gave birth. The last to be born was tiny, fragile and at 6 weeks very quiet. However, later she became the most intelligent of them all and the naughtiest. I would say it is almost impossible to choose straight after birth unless you know you only want a girl (or boy)and there is only one of that sex. Then reserve that pup and hope for the best.
Here are some ideas http://www.workingdogs.com/testing_volhard.htm

We didn't do all of them with our dogs, but some. From what I have read you want a puppy in the middle, not too shy, not too dominant.
And on top of all, I believe the most important thing is to pick the one you had a "click" with.....
It's a hard and fun decision /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif We had 3 male pups to pick from. One was hiding in the corner and didn't want to know about anything so we gave that one a miss. The other was superchewing my shoelace and seemed like the dominant pup and then Snoopy was kind of inbetween. Bit chewie but friendly and he had the darkest markings...ok so colour probably isn't of SUCH big importance /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif He was also the biggest and strongest looking of them all.

I guess the main thing is to go for a bold/friendly one with clear eyes ( ie no discharge) that's alert and playful. Have a peek in the ears make sure there's no discharge etc.. :bounce2:
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Trust your instincts and let the pup choose you. Once you make that connection, don't look back... or you will want them all.
Choosing a puppy is a big decision as your new friend will be with you a great number of years. Picking a puppy from its litter is really matching the best puppy which compliments your families life style. For example if you are hearty out door types who take bracing hikes and are outgoing a bold confident dog may suit, but if you are quiet and have a sedate peaceful lifestyle a slightly less bouncy dog may be better.

As a rule of thumb when picking, it is best to go for a middle of the road puppy who is balanced and not too wild or not too nervous. Often if you are allowed to pick from the entire litter you puppy may pick you and you’ll know that’s the one or the breeder may match you with several puppies she/he feels meet your requirements, it all depends. The personalities of the puppies may vary from active to passive.

Your prospective puppy should be one that looks healthy, who is dashing about, with a free and easy movement. Make sure he has bright clean eyes, his coat should be shiny and he is happy to make friends. Any signs of coughing or diarrhea are not good. The ears of a healthy puppy should be pink and clean with no discharge, a healthy nose will be cold and wet and again no discharge, the breath should smell sweet.

Don’t take a home a sickly puppy even if your heart is torn, a sickly puppy will cost a fortune in vet bills, anxiety and heartbreak.

The breeder should let you take the prospective puppy you like out of the puppy pen or room away from its litter mates to see how he interacts away from them and with you on a one to one basis.

Most puppies will be ready to leave the breeder by about eight weeks and the breeder will possibly have lots of questions for you and will not be offended if you have lots of questions for them, its shows concern and care and thoughtfulness.

Take your time picking, the longer you have to look and study the puppies, the better your understanding will be and you will be happy with the choice of your new baby.
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Do what we did! Take them all! I wanted females and had 2 in my arms and was telling the breeder yes I want them faster than hubby could say not no but heck no!

It was a decision I do not regret one second (except when they take over the bed and one of us humans has to sleep on the couch!)
I am limited to one dog only, i ain't got that big of a place! lol
Zeus picked us. He came right up to my husband and sat down in-between his legs as to say Ok take me home. I don’t even remember looking at the other dogs.

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All of our familys beags & hounds were adopted as adults or "near adults", but Goober was purchased from a breeder & Homer was adopted "twice" as he was one of 8 pup's & his mum abandoned by some thug in a local landowners horsepasture! Homer was rejected by the first adoptee's dog & I adopted him from an ad in the local newspaper. He was about 9 weeks old @ the time & he & Goober are inseperable! :thumbup: :thumbup:
Our decision was easy. Beasley was the last one from the liter. Although my Girlfriend said she was going to be objective about the whole thing, and not just take her because she was the only one, I knew the second that we saw her that she was coming home with us.
We chose Georgia from a litter...they separated out the sexes, and somehow, we just ended up with her. I wanted one with as little white possible (don't ask me why), but yet they were all the same, and it just happened. And she has been perfect. :evilgrin:
homer picked us out.him and his 2 brothers were left and his 2 brothers would fight and pick on him all the time-thats what the lady said and boy were they picking on and fighting with him!he walked over to us and sat down whimpering while his brothers crawled all over him.i swear he was saying "save me!"hubby was playing with the other 2 and wasn't sure about taking homer because he was so mellow and just wanted to be held and not play but he saw how much i loved him already and he is ours :heart: turns out the reason why he was so mellow is because he was sick-3 kinds of worms /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif took care of that and now he's a lively lil thief.....lol
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