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We're like you, we walk Bodie a lot. Bodie is now 9 months old, but he's been going for walks since he was 8 weeks old. And once his shots were done we immediately started going further and further. We don't go quite as far as you but we walk daily with several multi-milers a week.

Many people will advise you against long walks at an early age because their joints and tendons are still developing. Which might be valid but it's also hard to quantify how far is too far since all dogs are different.

So just go with your judgement like you're doing. Watch his little ass wiggle and if you seem him favor one leg or get tired cut your walk short. And maybe the next day take him on a short walk so he can recover. But like you, we've got an active beagle and we try and tire him out as much as we can.
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