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How Maggie came to our house

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I posted a question about Beagles' changing color. Thanks for the pictures showing the changing color on tricolors. I want to tell you how this little puppy came to our house and why I asked the question. Between Christmas and January 1, a pregnant Beagle showed up. She sure looked like a purebred and we couldn't figure out where she came from. We thought she might have been out hunting and gotten lost. We wondered what kind of swain she might have encountered along the way and what the pups would look like. She had three puppies that we saw at about 2 weeks. Only one survived. She was freezing and cold and we brought her in the house at 8 weeks. They were all black and white with tan above the eyes. The longer we have her, the more we think she's a purebred. What do you think?


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Maggie is beautiful, so I can only imagine how pretty Millie is.
She does look like purebred pup to me, but you can never know.
That's a wonderful story, and I'm so glad that Maggie and her momma both have good homes.
It is very easy to become attached to a beagle, and I'm sure she'll bring a lot of joy to you.
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Maggie is adorable! Such a pretty girl. She looks all Beagle to me, and if she's not, it doesn't matter one bit. Her story sounds very similar to that of my Jersey girl. I'm sure Maggie will make a great addition to your home. Beagles are great dogs and steal the hearts of their owners quickly!
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