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Shortly after getting our boy I discovered that a lot of plants in my new house are toxic. So a mad rush to cut them all down ensued even after that though with some leaves still around and a lot of other plants that I am not sure of I decided to get a run. So have put together a roughly 5x3m run on the lawn for him. See picture.

The problem is (maybe not a problem) that he loves it and would probably stay out there for hours at a time if I let him, he’s snoozing on his back in the sun out there as I type this.

On one hand it is great that he likes it and can be super convenient for me too with a hyper puppy but I feel that over using it would be a little lazy and also might impact on how he views inside vs. Outside which could complicate house training too. So far then I have not left him out there for more than an hour. Also to add it is never unattended, I am in the house and can see him i.e. I would never leave him in there while I have shower or pop out for example.

Thoughts? Should I be embracing this space for him or am I right to be cautious?

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I don't have the answer, but you have a great looking Beagle.
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