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I still ask from time to time why I was blessed with my beloved FOX Why I was blessed with a hospice dog ?
Which such VET expense to keep FOX free of pain comfort until death called FOX home at 3:45 am in the
morning on me . But it was short I must agree but FOX gave me unconditional love . For this gift Ill cherish
for a life time and hold dear to my heart .You simplily can not put a price tag on unconditional love PERIOD !
I say just now TY Lord for sending me my beloved FOX .

As for FOXY-DAISY we are still very much learning one another . But blessed with same personality as my
beloved FOX had . The gift of giving unconditional love . So FOX this pray you had me pray when you passed
on now has offically been anaswered . /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/icon_exclaim.gif

At 3:45 March 16 FOX my Dog went to be with the Lord . No more suffering pain etc...
Is in heaven now roaming playing having hisself a good old time . The Lord
took FOX home peacefully basically died in my lap .

I Know I am meant to get another dog FOX would have it no other way If
FOX could of spoke would of said mom its okay I am going to doggy heaven.
To have myself some fun without no more suffering etc... Now you get your
self another little buddy for me please would have been FOX finally wish.

For my finally days on this earth you gave me uncondition love and made my
homecomming to be with the Lord peacefully so I just went home on your lap
mommy was all and someday soon we will meet up once again .But for now get
yourself a FOX junior for me please mommy is all I ask of you

So today I agree you must grieve say your good bye etc... But tomorrow night
would you do me a favor . Make that phone call as you did for me 3 weeks ago
and at least check on that puppy for me mommy please . If don't sadly ten days
it will also go to puppy heaven as well remember mommy please Won't be sick
like I was a hospice dog but prayfully give you many years of enjoyment together.

Once again thank you MOMMY for loving me
For making my homecomming so peaceful
We shall meet once again remember
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