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how does your beagle stay cool?

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just wondering how your beagle stays cool in the hot weather.the a/c in our house is broken until tommorrow and sure can tell homer is feeling it.he does not like laying on anything but his pillows or a piece of carpet(he even has carpet samples to lay outside on)-for the past couple of days he just lays around on the wood floors or the concrete in the carport.poor guy is too hot to even play outside or with any toys inside.i soaked him with the house tonight which he hates but he needed a rinsing anyways and put his carpet in front of a fan so he was nice and cool but he still whined and rolled around like i beat him or something just cuz there was some water on him...lol.he won't touch his water unless i put ice in it now which i do all day long since he walks around with his mouth hanging open...lol.i feel so bad for him.lucky for him he is a really good dog and doesn't get into stuff he's not supposed to except for the occasional tissue in the garbage so he gets to sleep in our comp room where his crate is but with the doors open and a baby gate so he can sleep on the floor if he wants or his crate.he has proved to us he can be trusted loose for a night-we just forgot to close his door to his crate a few times
and we wake up and he is sleeping in his crate and nothing has been messed with-he is such a good boy!
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We dont have air conditioning as the temp goes up to over 30C only for a couple of months a year. We then only walk the dogs early morning and late evening and the rest of the time they lay around in the house. With all our doors open we can usually create a draft.
If a dog really gets overheated it can kill it. A friend who worked for animal rescue told us that when they are called to an overheated dog, usually in a town or village, they throw the dog into the nearest water- often the local fountain.
The worst crime a dog owner can commit is to lock the dog in a car, even for a few minutes, when the temps go over 20 C . A dog boils alive and its terrible. The police break windows of cars to try and save dogs, buts its usually too late. I once rushed into a shop to find the owner of a car who had left a baby in the car!!! The child nearly died and the mother was only in the shop (doing Lotto) for a few minutes.
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