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How do ya'll clean thier ears?

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I figured a wash cloth with warm water will do fine. but just wondered if any of ya'll know of a better way. She started scratching her ear today, something she hasn't done before. I looked but didn't see anything in there. no wax build up or anything.
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Ear cleaner for the vet, or petstore is better. Water can cause a yeast infection the ears, which floppy ear dogs are prone to get...which could be why she is scratching her ear now. Does it smell?
I got this special solution from the vet (smells like hospital...) and once a week I pour some into Chloe's ears, rub them well and wipe with small cotton balls.....
Her ears are amazingly clean! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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Get a Bonnie Beagle, She is the ear cleaner, she walks up to Willow and Rasha and flips up the ear flap with her nose and gives their ears a good clean :pukey: .

We have never cleaned out any of the beags ears as they have never had a problem with them. Our old black lab used to have terrible waxey ears and we were always cleaning them out with a solution we got from the vets.
Hey there, good question, as beagles are prone to ear infections.

Definately do NOT use water, that is what will actually CAUSE an ear infection.

You have to get the cleaner from the vet. The vet showed me how....Put a little into the ear canal, put the ear down, rub the base of the ear around a few times, then take a cotton ball and stretch it out, put it in the ear canal and rub it around to get the cleaner out.

Brown wax is normal, but a smell or red ears is abnormal

good luck
I just want to echo Amanda's comments -- that's exactly how we keep Hunter's ears clean. And the solution the vet gives us is not expensive at all. We're very careful in the summer because it can get so humid here.

At first I thought Hunter would be uncomfortable with it, but he grunts and groans like he does when we rub his belly. I think he finds it soothing and refreshing.
well it ain't red, and it don't really smell. Hotdog had alot of problems with ear infections so i know when it smells wrong. But i catch her scratching her ear once a day or so. not a constant thing but everyonce in awhile. I think when we go to the Vet after thanksgiving i will pick up some ear cleaner from them.
Susi cleans Snoopys ears as well! Otherwise our vet checks them on our routine visits.
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