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How do I get them to eat separately?

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Leo and Caelia were fast friends, but recently they have stopped eating unless its out of the same bowl. Because Leo is 5 weeks older than Caelia, he gets a lot more food. So as a result, she is eating more than she is supposed to, and he acts like he is starving all day. I don't want to get Leo off his schedule by giving him food throughout the day, but he won;t eat at meal times unless she is eating out of his bowl as well. I just want them to eat their own food, out of their own bowls. Any suggestions?

P.S. I have tried separating them for meal times. Neither of them finish their food, and he just whimpers and looks for her the whole time. He will eat a little if I hand feed him, but I can't do that all the time.

What should I do???
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How about two bowls side by side in a platform or holder? Just a thought.
Make him do all of his tricks for pieces of his own kibble rather than little treats. Our dogs think their kibble is a treat. lol I personally think that if you start feeding them in separate spaces such as one on each side of a safety gate where they can see each other, but can't get each other's food...they will eventually eat when they are hungry. Beagles won't starve themselves...I promise!
Beagles won't starve themselves.

I'd say you're giving in if you don't continue to try feeding them separately. Leo will get over it. If he doesn't eat, try it again later. If you give in each time he refuses to eat, he is learning that being stubborn allows him to get what he wants. Instead, if he doesn't eat when he's supposed to, take the food away and try again later. He'll figure out that he can't win and will get hungry if he doesn't do what he's supposed to do.

When we first got separate bowls for Quinn and Grayson, I'd push them away from each other's bowls. I've also separated them by putting their food bowls in their crates and making them eat in there.

Pretty much, any time you separate them now, they are going to complain. That's what I continue to go through with Quinn and Grayson. They didn't like being in separate crates, but they got over it after a day. Right now, they REALLY hate it when one of them is left alone. If I take Quinn out to pee, Grayson throws a fit and vice versa. Today was the first time they've ever been completely separated for a period of time. I had Grayson in my parents' backyard (my mom was at home but not paying attention to him). I took Quinn to the vet. Surprisingly, he only wimpered a bit, but Quinn howled like crazy when she knew I took Grayson away from her.

Brace yourself...these two are probably not going to like separation in any way...
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Two seprate bowls maybe 2 -3 feet away from each other, I would even mix a slight bit as in pinch of gravy or soft in each bowl, and trust me you wont have a prob with them eating every bit:)
One thing you need to remember is that they both need to eat a good amount of food. If you have Leo eating all of Caelia's food, she may end up going hungry.

My mom was concerned when she saw Grayson eating Quinn's food after he finished his own bowl. That's when I began putting them in their crates to eat.
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