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How Daisy asks to go out....

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Any dog I've ever had gave some kind of signal when they needed to go out. I had one that would come up to me, and then run to the door. Another sat down and stared at me. Maggie, my shep/collie mix, pants at me. I've had Daisy since July, and she has never done any of those things.

Tonight by chance, I discovered what her "signal" is. She sits on the end of the runner near the back door. This would be fine except typically I am nowhere nearby! :eyes: I am going to try and teach her how to ring a bell. (It really was cute though....her itty bitty self just sitting there waiting for me to magically know she was back there.)
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When my older one, Myra, wants to go out she huffs at us, and if we are sitting down she will paw at our hands. We have been training the little one, Cello, to go outside, and he is getting good but hasn't shown any interest in giving us these 'cues' yet, other than scratching at the glass door if the main door is open.

Lucky for us Myra, being the perfect Beagle she is, has taken up the role and when he has to go out she comes and paws at our hands! We don't know how she can tell he has to go, but she is right more often than not. Now that's teamwork!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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