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Housetraining STILL A PROBLEM!

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Ahh!! I am at my wits end with my beagle. She's the love of my life but I am having so much trouble housebreaking her. She turns a year old next week and over the course of the time she's been with me (had her since she was 6 wks) she has gotten somewhat better but never stopped going in the house. I have crate trained her and she never goes in the crate. I take her out whenever she whines and normally she goes. But she is always going in the house--especially at night she will go several times during the night. I am SO tired of cleaning up after her after a year and I really have no idea what to do. Do any of you have experiences like this? I had heard beagles are hard to house train but GEEZE! Help!
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you may need to take her out before she whines. And praise her like she's the first dog ever to go outside! and give her a treat when she comes in...

good luck, it's hard work! :wave:
Like Taurus Mom already said, treats and praise. With Jersey we would praise her like no dog had ever done anything so wonderful everytime she went pee outside (Poop in the house was never a problem...only on the first day we had her and never again). We brought the treats outside with us and the second she was done peeing, we gave it to her along with praise. It took a few weeks but eventually she learned that pee pee outside meant yummy treats. One day it just clicked. She started to tap at the door to go out and we've only had a handful of accidents in the house since then, and they were all our fault for ignoring her potty requests.

Have you had her vet check her out just to be sure there's not another underlying problem? If she doesn't go in the crate, that's probably not an issue, but you may want to mention it at her next visit or even give them a call. Good luck and stay patient! It will happen. :thumbup:
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if she isn't crated at night and she is getting up during the night and going when you don't see it you should reconsider crating at night time also. If she doesn't go in her crate then she should probably still be in it at night. She seems to be thinking that it is ok since there is no one telling her otherwise and showing her where she should be going.
wow this sounds so framiliar!! Monty is 10 months and drives me crazy with his potty training. I have gotten some good advice from the people here. putting him in his crate for the night really helped us. We have his crate right by my side of the bed so he knows i'm there. Also, tons of treats. Our biggest mistake was that we would just put him outside by himself, and give him treats when he comes in...if you go outside with him and give the treat right away, it helps alot! Other then that, just lots of praise, and be patiant...i know some people who have 2 year old pups that aren't still fully trained. It gives me hope that we'll get through this /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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As you have used the crate training, then I agree that crating at night would be a good idea.Best next to your bed, so you can hear if she whines. She should go outside last thing at night and again as soon as you get up in the morning. Good luck.
Ok I've thought about crating her at night before. It's just I'm gone during the day and she is in her crate all day and I feel absolutely horrible for putting her in it at night. AHHH why can't I just be a stern beagle daddy!!! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

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I know you feel guilty as I know that I did with Sammy but it didn't take her long to get the hang of potty training being crated at night and during the day. I just made the most of the time she was not in the crate by taking lots of walks and heavy play time in the evenings.

Good Luck !!
What I do is keep him on his leash at night. It is tied to my bed and it limits him to where he can go.

He stays on his sleeping pillow and he was enough lenght to turn around or pop his face next to mine and give me a big wet lick on my face.

Consistency is the key word. Find out what time she goes pee and poop, make a schedule list. Then work by the schedule, let her out on time.
Leash her, tie her to your pants if possible, tag her along where ever you go in the house. If you see her sniffing, yes, thats it, go staight outside with the leash on. After she does her job, praise her like she is the best dog ever! Almost right away give her treat, praise her some more. Whenever you let her out the crate(if you want to crate train her) do not let her hang around the house, out right away on leash again. And never punish her with the crate and smile when you clean up her mess /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif She might pick up the bad vibes from you and get more anxious.
I trained Charlie to ring the bell at the patio door when ever he wants out, that works magic, only too often...play.
Using the crate for potty train is easier to manage the timing, but make sure it is always a positive thing going in the crate, snug a treat even after you close the gate. Lots lots lots of praise like you are madly in love with her!!! Which you are!

Charlie mom
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Jersey stayed in her crate at night when she was a puppy. I hated it too because she'd be in it all day (pre-separation anxiety setback) and then again at night. Once she got the hang of holding it all night, we started letting her out and she slept on the bed with us. Now, she falls asleep on the bed with me, then after a few hours goes to her crate until morning. Now that she's housebroken, she goes to the bedroom door and scratches at it if she needs to go out in the middle of the night. It sucks getting up at 2 am sometimes, but beats the alternative.
I've only had Miggy a week but I understand how much you love her. I am retired and staying on top of Miggy and so far only one slip just as we were going out the door, I also take him to the same place each time and never play with him there. He is only 11 weeks old and I have his crate open all day. He goes there on his own for naps. The first couple of nights I crated him and set my alarm and got him up twice. He pooed and peeped each time but cried so when I put him back that the third night I took him to bed with me. Since then he wakes me once, I take him out and he does his business in a flash. We go back to bed and he goes right to sleep. It really is important to take him out when he wakes from a nap or has a meal. I am very lucky to be able to devote so much time to him and I hope my diligence pays off.
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Ours have slept in the bed with us since they were little. I am a fairly light sleeper. When one of them would jump down off the bed in the night, I was up and hot on their trail. I let them out right away. Then right back to bed. Sometimes they had to go a couple of times in the night when they were little.
I am crate training (well trying) my 11 week old pee monster. I work during the day so I leave him in his crate. I'm trying to get him on a schedule. He does fine when I am home and during the night but when I am at work he pee's all over his towel in the crate. Today it was soaked. I feel so horrible having to leave him in the crate. My boyfriend tries to come home during lunch so our pup can relieve himself. Am I doing something totally wrong here w/ the crate thing? Also when I get home should I leave him in the crate and only let him out when he needs to go pottty? advice pls! :freak:

11 weeks is just too young to leave in the crate all day. Pups need to go outside more often; is there a family member who could come over to help? Or a friend who could walk your little pee monster? /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif

Hang in there....
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Well I do the only problem is only on certain days. I am looking for a petsitter right now. But I just don't feel comfortable leaving him w/ just anyone. What age can I start leaving them in the crate while I am at work during the day?
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