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I got home late last night from work and was starving as I hadn't had dinner. We had some left-over hot dogs in the fridge from the night before so the first thing I did was take a couple of them out and put them on the counter, and then I went to get changed before popping them into the microwave.

Marc was working in the other room in the computer, and while I was changing he noticed that something was being bumped against his leg... When he looked down he saw that Popcorn had stolen one of the hot dogs (which was a complete weiner/bun combo wrapped in plastic) and appeared to be trying to get his attention for help with getting the plastic off so she could eat her ill-gotten gains!

Booker and Moose were nowhere to be seen - I suspect that if they stole something they wouldn't come to us for help with eating it!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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