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Hot diggity dog!

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It was time for a photo shoot of Maya and Tate's puppies. They were 2 weeks old on Friday. I couldn't resist posting this for everyone to enjoy.


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send that in to a dog magazine,
you won.
doesnt matter the contest or the prize.
Tooo cool.
Look at the pink little pads! How adorable...I want one!
Oh my goodness...that is just too cute! I want a puppy...
Oh my that is way too cute
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omg that is the cutest thing ever!!!

you have to send it into http://cuteoverload.com/
That is absolutely ADORABLE!! Love it!
OMG! I forget how tiny they are when they're that young! Too cute!
Oh that is so cute!!
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Oh, so adorable!
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Awwwwww!! VERY cute!

Imagine if we tried to take pictures of our grown beagles like that...it'd have to be one BIG bun!
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That is excellent!
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