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Homer learned a lot from Goober!

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Goober was a great mentor for many dogs in teaching them how to
use a dog door & many other things! At least 4 dogs learned how
to use a dog door thanks to him, & Homer now nudges/slaps the
kitchen cabinet where the treats are stored & he even learned
how to guilt me to give him a treat when I sneak a snack
before bedtime! Like Goober, he will stare at me & not take no
for an answer! When Homer recovers from the loss of Goobs, I
will not be surprized if he starts to scratch @ my pantleg like
Goober did when his supper was late! (God, I miss Goobs), but
he must be having a great time with all his dawg-bud's that
crossed the bridge before him!
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LM, Goober was great with pup,s as he did a great job
showing Homer the ropes! This past weekend my friends next-
door returned after 3 weeks away attending the Reno,Nevada
air-races & visiting relatives in southern Idaho. Homer got a
break from his loss of Goober when he was reunited with their
4 hounds. Homer was soo happy to see them that he even greeted
Bear with a wagging tail & a lick to his face! (Last month he
tried to kill him for trying to start a fight with Goober)! To
Homer, Bear is only a bite-size creature to him! Homer
inflicted a puncture wound to him on his front left side of his body then. And I punished him by taking him home leaving Goober to to enjoy playing with their other hounds as Bear got
a little first aid! (Lucky thing for Bear, he only needed a
band-aid type treatment)! This made me feel real bad @ the
time...but Bear has a habit of acting big for his britches
@ picking fights that he has no chance of winning!
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