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I wish I had not to make that choice...but Homer is a
wild card & could no longer be trusted!!! he is still a
great guard dog, but now he is no longer hostile toward
some people & dogs that try to befriend him!!!

This is the first time in my family that we needed to have
a dog fixed, as Homer turned-out to not be a beag-mix!
With the diet of vitamins & supplements that we feed our
boys, none of them have suffered from or died from
prostate problems!
(They just die from old age)!
(I still miss Goober horribly) even though he was blessed
with such a long life! (To this day I avoid driving past
the 24hr emergency vet as it reminds me of that fatefull
day when he enjoyed his last ride in my pick/up truck!)!
(It was his chariot to joy, as we were towing the boat to
the lake, or exploring a new part of the forest)!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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