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Homer is recovering from it very well! He did not have to
wear the funnel collar as I took the day off work to care
for him. Surprizingly, the biggest battle was getting
him into the back seat of my car! (He has never been in /
rode in my car... & was scared to get in)! (Thank goodness
he was still a little groggy, I managed to manhandle
him into the back seat) for the ride home! I was right in
my guesstimate that he weighed between 80 to 90 pounds as
he turned out to weigh slightly over 86 #'s In following
my vet,s cautions, Homer has enjoyed several small meals
& did not get sick or ralph after any of them!

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Homer has made exellent progress after being
newtered & after nearly a week is the perfect playmate for
a very energetic beag puppy! Homer-the-Huge was not as
welcoming as Duke or Goober was with a new puppy...& I
thought that I might have to euthanize him myself after
he tried to kill the new puppy!
Homer is a mix
breed that I rescued & adopted for Goober to mentor as he
turned 10 yrs old in 2002 & both of them became fast
friends! But, In my grief @ the loss of not having a beag I
purchased Jethro in the hope that Homer would be as happy
to greet a new friend & mentor a puppy as Goober & Duke &
Rufus had!(There was some turmoil) when Nibbler met
Rufus...but they did not try to kill each other!

(I will stick with beags from now on & will only adopt/
purchase yet one more beag pup when Jethro becomes a
seniour beag!

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Well this was the outcome I had hoped/expected when Jethro
joined our family! But Homer threw a monkey wrench into
those plans! Homer was soo respectfull & gentle with his
elder Goobs,(missed him as much as I did) that I thought
he would be as happy as I was & welcoming with a new puppy
as I was. Wrong! But today it has been a week since Homer
was newtered & have been playing with each other very well
that the only thing I worry about is how they will resolve
their sleeping arrangements when Im at work! Jethro likes
the smaller dog bed, but he likes the larger one even more!
Homer cannot fit into the smaller one, soo I hope homer
will claim the larger one & set the standard! This monday
will be their first full day of being unsupervised for the
time I am at work & my doxie-friends will check up on
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