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When Jethro rid himself of them nasty hookworms he has been
growing like mad! He is barely over 4 months old now & has
not lost any puppy teeth yet & weighs about 25 lbs!!! I
swear that he will be a big beag like Goober was! He is now
much larger than Rufus & nearly as large as Nibbler! Nibbs
is a 14 beag so Jethro is set to become a giant like Goober was! There is no doubt to us that vitamins & supple-
ments can prolong a dogs life! In my next post I will share
some of the new supplements that will extend your beags life like what we have learned to give Goober a grab at 16&
a half years of life until his last day! (He was a happy & healthy beag) untill his body told him that it was his time to go the next day!
(He was my best one to date/
close tie with Snapper the beag/fox terrier mix!

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Wow! What do you do, sneak Miracle Grow into their kibble?

Hmm, maybe occasional game meat does something to them...their systems become more like a wolves when they eat fresh game and they grow bigger like a wolf...

Just a guess, mind you.

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SWB, You might have a point! Wild game is a much healthier
food source than domesticated animals & our boys enjoy
the stock from some of them as we boil some meats like
deer to reduce the gamey taste! Wild game is much lower
in fat, but we allow it to cool in the fridge overnight &
discard the fat that forms on top the next day. As far as
vitamins go, we use either pet tabs or pro pet senior
from Wal mart as the senior vitamins have vitamin c in
them. For more info, consult Dr Pitcairn's Complete guide
to natural health for dogs & cats! published in 2005.
His happy powder mix has worked wonders for our boys!
2 cups brewers yeast, 1 cup lecithin granules, 1 cup kelp
powder, 4 tbl spoons bone meal powder, 1/4 tsp vitamin c
powder. (The bone powder might be hard to find) unless you
make it yourself or try Super supplements!

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Btw, If you have a male beag over 10 yrs old it is a good
idea to give him a small dose 2 or 3 times a week of
saw palmetto if he is not newtered & both sexes will get
joint health from some apple cider vinegar & tumeric will
help prevent tumors!
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