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Beaglina hides stuff a lot too - she tends to do it outside though and then goes and digs up her chews a few weeks later - :pukey: If she's inside (and I'm not around!) she goes for the easy option and hides things under the cushions - otherwise she does the pretend burying too - but never to the point of rubbing her nose raw. This is probably stating the obvious but does Chloe have an old rug or something in her crate that she can safely bury stuff in? or somewhere to hide things where they won't get moved?
Sometimes they are just strange! Beaglina's eccentricity is that she likes all her toys outside, so she'll bring them in to try and convince people to play with her, but then when play's finished she takes them all outside again one by one...
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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