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Originally Posted By: Leonidaswe are feeding him the same dog food he was having at the breeders house, and he seems to be doing fine with the food. As for the bowl, I am just feeding him out of a standard stainless steel bowl. I do know that at his old house he wasn't fed on tile, and that is what we are feeding him on now. Do you think he has an allergy to the tile? Or maybe he has an allergy to the cleaning solution I used to mop the floor?

any thoughts?
If he's itching, it could be a sign the food is not working for him.

By environmental, I meant things like pollen/grass/fleas etc. These can all cause itching - has he been treated for fleas recently?

ETA: One of my dogs was on Artemis and had a serious reaction, she was itching and biting herself until she bled - and Artemis is one of the best dog foods on the market! The quality of the food means nothing IF the dog is allergic to a particular protein source like chicken.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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