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Hi!! I have so many questions.

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I am so excited to have found this board.

I have so many questions I don't even know where to start. But I did post one big concern on another thread.

We got Gabby just over a week ago(she is 5 months), and so far so great! we love her. She is amazing and very loveable, BUT with one HUGE bad habit.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal for Beagles.
When Gabby gets in a VERY playfull mood she starts to jump and bite and it hurts!
I should of called her J.H. short for Jeckel and Hide. She goes from being this extremly loveable happy go lucky puppy to a puppy no one wants to be around.
My only major concern is because I have two small children 2 & 4 years old. They get very upset when she is like this and it has come down to me having to remove her from us and either put her outside if we are inside or tie her up in the front yard so we can play peacefully in the back yard.

Please tell me this is all normal and she will grow out of it. I love her to bits but I can't have a biting dog, even if it is out of love and curiosity. The biting has to stop.
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Thank you, Thank you, thank you!!

I don't know what I would do if I didn't find this board.

I am going to try the water with her when she does it today.
I did try the money in the can but she is rather shy and timmid so it actualy just scared her a lot and I don't want to do that, plus I found that I had to have cans all over the house as she would do something naughty in one room but the can was no where in site.

We are starting puppy classes tomorrow night, so I am excited to get started with that.
We also let her sleep in our bed for the first time lastnight and I am not sure if that helped but this morning she didn't act all nuts as she usualy did.
I also felt that maybe if we let her sleep with us it would let us bond quicker then having her sleep in the kennel.
We do have the kennel in our room so she wouldn't feel so alone, but lastnight went well.

I appreciate all the advice, it is worth so much to me.
I love Gabby dearly. She is pretty much the perfect dog with this 1 bad habit. She honestly doesn't do anything else naughty. Okay, trying to eat the cat food is extremly annoying, but I can live with that.

I will try to post pictures....
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I called the HS today just to let them know what was going on and they suggested ignoring her and doing they loud ouch!
I am going to try this for a few days to see how she does.
Gabby gets into these over stimulated moods, which cause the jumping and bitting so they also suggested to give her a time out when she does this. Either outside or even in her kennel. But to only put her in a time out in the kennel when I am nto angry with her and not to say bad dog or anything of that nature.
I have tried to avoid kenneling her for time outs, but I have put her in there for afternoon naps. One day she even went int here willingly to be left alone as my son wouldn't stop hugging her. it was too cute, but she was desperate for some sleep and couldn't wait to be left alone in.

I am also intrested to see what the trainers say tomorrow night at class. I kind of hope she acts all nuts so they can see how she acts.

My husband just got back from a walk with her and she is now chewing her bone.

Did anyone have cats prior to getting a puppy? Gabby will NOT back down to our male cat Reggie. She wants to play with him so badly but he has no intrest in her, but she isn't giving up, its too funny.

I hope the picture worked.
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Wish us luck, the first class is tonight.
Originally Posted By: jen-n-jerseyHi and welcome to BW! Gabby is adorable, and what a great Beagley name too! I can totally relate to the jumping and biting thing. Jersey did that a LOT as a puppy. We did something totally different than anyone had ever heard of but it worked. Teach her to fetch. When she gets so excited that she wants to start biting have her go fetch a toy to redirect her attention to. Eventually Jersey caught on (it didn't take long) and when she'd get that excited she'd go and get a toy on her own. Of course, I went through a ton of toys as a result...Jersey would get so excited sometimes that she'd just shred them, but hey, it saved our hands and brought Jersey no stress or fear.
I have tought her how to fetch and she does play this for a short period of time and then goes bizzonkers runny like a mad dog around the yard wich in turn, turns into her jumping and bitting me and the kids and anyone else who happens to be in the yard.

Puppy classes went well today. She was a really good puppy.
She wouldn't lie down though, so that is something I have to work with her on.
And she is SUCH a Beagle. When it was free play time, what did Gabby do? she walked around the perimiter of the room smelling, it was so funny. All the other little puppies were going nuts playing and she had one agenda.
She did decide to get into the play close to the end, but she seem to be very timid and would run and hid under the chairs most of the time.

I did talk to the trainer after the class and she gave me a good suggestion that we are going to work with on her.
If she doesn't improve fo the next couple of days my husband and I are going to intentionaly make her go nuts one night(which wont be hard) and I will work with her on this for 1 hour straight while my husband watches the kids and I am alone with Gabby.
I am hoping she will get it in the next few days cause it HAS to stop.

tonight before I left for classes we were all outside and my baby girl (who is 2) was wearing a wide brimmed hat. My baby was sitting on the ground and Gabby went up to her, grabed the brim of her hat and started shaking the hat very hard. My daughter was of course screaming, it wasn't a pretty sight.
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