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Hi!! I have so many questions.

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I am so excited to have found this board.

I have so many questions I don't even know where to start. But I did post one big concern on another thread.

We got Gabby just over a week ago(she is 5 months), and so far so great! we love her. She is amazing and very loveable, BUT with one HUGE bad habit.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal for Beagles.
When Gabby gets in a VERY playfull mood she starts to jump and bite and it hurts!
I should of called her J.H. short for Jeckel and Hide. She goes from being this extremly loveable happy go lucky puppy to a puppy no one wants to be around.
My only major concern is because I have two small children 2 & 4 years old. They get very upset when she is like this and it has come down to me having to remove her from us and either put her outside if we are inside or tie her up in the front yard so we can play peacefully in the back yard.

Please tell me this is all normal and she will grow out of it. I love her to bits but I can't have a biting dog, even if it is out of love and curiosity. The biting has to stop.
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Hi Bridy,
I have a 10 week old, nearly 11 week old and he is exactly the same as what your little pup is.
Gets over excited and jumps and bites.
What I do when he does this is I shut him in the kitchen for 30 seconds or when he starts to cry and bring him back in. He is completely fine then and comes to me for lovable attention.
Lovely picture.
I have 2 cats and Oscar is always wanting to play with them. The female is fine with Oscar and plays back, if she is fed up with him she just moves out of his reach.
The male on the other hand wants nothing to do with Oscar and he has warned him by lightly tapping him on the nose with his paw. But Oscar still tries. But I think its just because they seem to be something to play with for Oscar and I'm sure that he will settle down with them more once he gets used to them being around as they are both in and out all the time and don't stay indoors for very long.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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