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Hi, Here, Rescued Beagle...

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Hi, I just wanted to say hello. I just saved a 3 year old Beagle from being euthanized.
My wife was talking with someone, "not a friend", and she was telling her that she had a 3 year old pure Beagle, that she was gonna have "put down", the next day, due to not having time to care for him? "People amaze me"!!
Well, needless to say, he is now at my house, and being cared for. I got him lastnight as soon as I found out.
He is housebroke, but knows nothing else. He apparently was living in his crate for 3 years, and only let out to the bathroom.
He seems to be in his glory now, with my 4 kids, and a yard to have fun in.
Now time to train him...Hope he trains, but I am sure he will. I have no Beagle experience, but have trained other dogs...
Nice board here....Thanks for allowing me to be part of it!
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Welcome to BeagleWorld and the world of beagles too. You did a wonderful thing rescuing this guy. Does he have a name? We have three rescue beagles and many others here also have many other rescues, so I'm sure as a group we have probably seen anything and everything you come across with your new arrival and are more than willing to help out!

His story is tragic but what is really sad is that he is just one of so many - so many needy dogs out there who are mistreated in one way or another. One does wonder why someone like his old owner even bothered to have a dog in the first place... and how much less time could she possibly have for him than she did anyway?! He must feel like he has died and gone to heaven to suddenly have a family and life outside his crate!

Good luck. Oh, and we like pictures!
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I don't understand people. So many think pets are disposable, but then I have had students whose parents act like they are disposable. Thank you for giving this lucky guy a home and a good life. Welcome to Beagle World.
WELCOME! :wave:

It always amazes me that people think they can just get rid of a pet cause they don't have the time! Kudos to you on rescuing him!You did a wonderful thing! :happyhappy:

4 kids to bug and run around with he must be in his glory! Good luck with everything hope to see a picture soon!
Welcome to the BW pack!

Four kids and a beagle... You are going to have some stories to tell!
Hello and a bit arooo (from Chloe) to you and "no name" (for now)...
You did a wonderful thing. Way to go :happyhappy: !!!
Thanks for all the warm welcomes. I forgot his name is Charlie.
He is a sweetheart. Just have to teach him some basic commands.
I just have never heard of anything like this before. I thought a dog got put down if they were too sick to repair, or vicious. I have never come across this before.
I must admit that it shocked me in a very bad way.
I gotta get some nice photos of him today.
Thanks so much again for the welcome!
Howdy :wave: We are so happy for Charlie. He will reward you and your family with many years of love. I rescue my beagle almost ten years ago from similar fate. Bagel, my rescue, has been a true friend and companion. Beagles always want to please and are easy to train in their own way. Beagles were bred to be independant thinkers so they need different motivation than say a herding dog. My Bagel responds very well to love (Ear scratchs, hugs, back scratches, soft praise) but treats work well also. Beagles are the extreme pack oriented members of the canine family so your family will be Charlies new pack and he will do anything for the pack. Looking forward to hearing more about Charlie.
Welcom Tony and Charlie! I can't imagine wanting to put a dog down because you don't have time. Makes me ill. Some people think dogs are perfect and when they aren't, they can't handle that. What they don't realize is that you have to help make them your perfect animal by spending time with them and training them. They aren't a toy, they are part of the family. /rant

I think it's wonderful that your family rescued Charlie and made him a part of the family. He will provide you all with endless love and loyalty (and a few really funny stories, I have no doubt!).
Welcome to you and the family and a big welcome to Charlie!

My Henry was an adult rescue, and sick with heartworms. He is fat and happy and heartworm free. We all love him so much.

That person that was going to put Charlie down after keeping him in a cage for three years should be whipped. What a @#%$!!! (I'm not feeling very nice today).

You will not be sorry...Charlie knows what you did for him. Take pics, please!

Welcome to BW! You are our newest hero, Tony -- Charlie will bring joy, mischief and love to your family's life in return for your open hearts. Spend some time browsing in our "discussion" section and you will soon learn all about beagles. Looking forward to your pics!
Welcome to Beagle World, and thank you for saving Charlie. :wave: My beagle, Li'l Girl, is a rescue as are 2 of our other 3 dogs. Rescues are great. :heart:
I adopted an adult rescue honorary-beagle 2+ years ago, and he rewards me with love every day. My beagle was rescued as a pup.

Rescues are wonderful....they seem to appreciate their special place in your home.

THANK YOU for being a hero. :heart:
Hi Tony!

I was wondering how your first days with Charlie have been?

Welcome Tony and Charlie! I dont understand people sometimes, Suzys owner passed away and her son wanted to euthanize her. But before he made that decision, he decided to leave Suzy at my work for a couple months :angryfire:
When I met him, he said he didnt know what to do with her so he was going to euthanize her. He took her for a car ride and told the receptionist they would be back by 7. The next day mom and I decided that she should not be killed because the owner is SLOW. That same day I brought her home, one of the best decisions ever!
Good Luck with your new baby and post some pics, please!!!! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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Way to go Tony. The bond you will have with Charlie will be special. I think dogs know more than we think they do. I KNOW Beags do. :hi:
Hi Tony, and welcome to Beagle World. Bless you for rescuing your little beag from that selfish woman who obviously didn't deserve to have a dog. I can't understand people like that!! She was gonna put him down because she "didn't have time for him"? /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/mad.gif It was pure providence that your wife found out about this and y'all were able to save him!! And the poor little guy was crated for all his 3 years? Why did the woman get a dog in the first place? :angel:
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