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Caesar never fails to make me laugh. Last night I got up from the couch to go into the kitchen. Caesar ran in front of me, stopped at his bowl, turned around and stared at me straight in the eye. (that staring thing again...) Then he started to stomp on his bowl while still staring at me! It was like Hey Mom! I'm Hungry!!! Okay, I get the picture. When I grabbed a carrot from the fridge for him he started to dance in circles.

The dogs sleep in the spare room because we don't trust them to roam the house at night. This has never been a problem with them, we put the old loveseat up there with lots of blankets. Last night as we were going to bed Caesar passed me on the stairs...he was going downstairs not up. And he had his teddy bear in his mouth. He sleeps with this every night and the only time Mr. Bear comes out is at bed time. Then he jumped on the couch in the living room and laid down. Apparently he thought the would sleep in the LR.
I don't think so. I grabbed his bear and he folled me up no problem. Sometimes I wish I could spend even 5 minutes inside his head...
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