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Here's Shiloh (And Poe)...I hope

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Finally I have the picture my daughter took on the day hubby and I returned from Alabama, afterwhat was for me a 5 months' absence. The first is of Poe cat and Shiloh watching the street, waiting for us. The second is my big reunion with Shiloh!
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Hmmm. Well, lets try that again>


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Thanks, everybody!! A coworker also suggested that I have the Shiloh and Poe picture made into a card!!!Hmmm let's see now, it took me almost an hour of fooling around on the computer to get the pic set as my background, and even then I'm not sure how I did it. It took Sandy coming to the rescue to get the pictures posted here. Wonder how many years it would take me to figure out how to make it into a card? LOL!! But thanks for the kind words. I'll pass them on to Shiloh---and Poe!
Thank you. I did miss her so much!! It was the little things, like I'd be eating and drop something on the floor, and think how she'd be right there to scarf it up. Or I'd visit someone with dogs, and wonder if Shiloh would enjoy playing with them. And I really missed not being able to celebrate with her when the beagle Uno won Westminster!!
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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