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Here's my crew!

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Here's Bentley my 5 year old Beagle

Here's Maiya my miracle dog living with Megaesophagus

This is Annabelle, my true heartdog.

Thanks for looking!
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What a beautiful pack you have. My neighbor has a german shepard and I was afraid of him at first but turned out to be a huge baby.
Thanks all! I love them all so much! The shepherds have rubbed off on Bentley Beagle so I catch him acting like a little German Shepherd sometimes. LOL!

Now if I could only get the recall on him that they have. I'll keep dreaming right!!! LOL!
Beautiful animals. My Grandparents had a German Shepard and I miss him so much. He was a wonderful dog.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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