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Singin' doo-wa-diddy-diddy, dum-diddy-aroo...

/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/gaah.gif I took Spock and Bones for a walk tonight when I got home from work. Like everywhere else in the U.S. lately, the weather here in north Texas has been crazy - 70 degrees one day, snow the next night, and expected to yo-yo between the extremes again later this week - and since this was one of the nice days, I thought I'd take advantage of it and try to wear the puppies out so maybe they'd sleep through the night and not destroy mommy's sleep by waking her up several times, as they've done for most of this week. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/shocked.gif

I had them in their harnesses, supplemented by their collars with their tags, and attached a coupler to the harnesses so I could walk them on one leash. This was the first time I'd walked them together, though their daddy has taken them out once or twice. Usually, I walk them separately, and tonight I realized that is for the best if you're tired - walking two energetic beagle puppies is a form of aerobic exercise.

They tried to pull one another in opposite directions for the first part of the walk, but they seemed to get the hang of it about halfway through, and even their tails were kind of wagging in unison by the time we got home. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/lol2.gif

Right when we walked out the front door onto the sidewalk, we saw some ducks in the front yard of the neighbor's house. I thought they were plastic at first, as handsome as they were (one had dark green feathers on his head), but then they strolled out onto the sidewalk! There is a flock of seagulls currently hanging out at one of the artificial lakes about a half mile down the road, but I had never noticed ducks there before, and then there two were, hanging out in the neighborhood, critiquing the hedge trimming. I was more impressed than the dogs were, though they busily sniffed where the birds had alighted as we walked past the neighbor's house.

The best part of our walk was probably the attention the puppies received from people driving by. The corner of our block is a strip mall, and we started walking through its parking lot. Spock and Bones stopped in the grass by one of the office buildings to have a smell (that bit of land happened to be next to a vet's office, so lots of good things to sniff there), and an SUV slowed down as it approached, turned into the parking lot, and stopped about 20 feet away from us. I glanced up to see a little nose in the back of the SUV pressed to the glass, its owner pointing at the puppies and clearly talking excitedly to his mom or dad. So cute!

(Happily for my sanity, the puppies waited until just after the audience left to put on their "show"; good thing I always bring a baggie to clean up poop!)

I plan on walking them together a lot more, now that spring is approaching, taking them to PetSmart and other public places on weekends in preparation for bringing them to the dog park by the start of April. Spock has never been confident enough to enjoy being at the dog park, and Bones has never been, due to the weather, so I'm hoping that getting them used to being out in public together, each of them teaching and supporting the other (Spock needing confidence and helping to teach Bones manners, Bones needing discipline and being a brave little thing), will make dog park outings a great success. And if today is any indication, they're going to be little stars wherever they go, which they will love.
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