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I haven't been on the boards for a couple of weeks, but reading Marti Knox's posting about her girls getting loose reminded me of our own little escape. Henry jerked the leash out of my hand on a fresh rabbit scent a few weeks ago (we were just out for a potty so I was unprepared for a bolt). We live out in the boonies, with lots of woods and acreage all around. Henry took off down the back hill like there was no tomorrow. Henry is normally sweet and obedient, and comes when called most of the time, but not this time! I took off after him, afraid to let him get out of my sight (which he managed anyway). He dashed across a huge field and was gone. I watched him break through a barb wire fence that was totally overgrown with brambles and it was like he vanished into thin air. Now I'm pretty fit and like to jog, but after just a couple of minutes of hard running I was done in, not to mention I'm hollering for him and about to have a heart attack in somebody's pasture. I got to the fence he went through and went looking for him in a thick stand of woods. I called and called and called, but since he doesn't ever bark I had no idea if he was even around. After about a half hour I think I hear dog tags and try to reign in my hysterics to call more forcefully. Here comes Henry, nose to the ground, coming in the opposite direction. I managed to snag him as he was exhausted. He was wet (there's a stream nearby), covered in sticky seeds, and had a cut on his snout from the fence. His nose was caked in dirt from his sniffing, lol! I grabbed him and started crying. Authoritative, I know. I praised him and thanked God he didn't get hit by a car. Out on these country roads, no one would have been able to stop in time. Bear in mind that Henry's not even full beagle and pretty well trained. Scary stuff. Thanks for listening (maybe reading is more correct?!)
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