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i just got a phone call from my mom she told me diesel has chewed through a pillow from our big chair. it was the cushon pillow. she gave me the you need to figure out a way to get him to stop chewing things up in the house speech...but the thing is, he doesnt chew things up very often. his bone and toys maybe but thats it.

the only one home was my dad and he was typing a paper for this class his job has put him in. so he was in the computer room... went home for lunch and he was fine when i left. until i got the phone call about 10 min later.

i dont know what to do anymore... im not home all the time and usually he is ok outside and i come home for lunch and stuff.

but the waterbottle only works for the moment, he just keeps going back to the object after being squirted over and over. until I have to pretty much drag him away and put him outside for a few to get his attention on something else...

he has bones and plenty of them. plenty of toys but he doesnt care. if i cant control this my mom is going to give him up one day.

btw he is 1 so i know he is still young, but we were doing so well.

ahhhhh!!! help!!!
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Bodie only gets about 1-2 hours a day to be free in the house. And only when we're around to watch/play with him.

At night he sleeps in a crate in our bedroom. He then goes into his dog run outside during the day. When we get home from work it's walk and play time. He then goes back into the dog run so we can all eat dinner. After dinner he gets his 1-2 hours of family time in the house. After which time he goes into a portable pen in our living room. This allows him to be with us in the evenings but not running free. He usually just lies down and chews on toys or sleeps. Then it's a final potty run and into the crate for the night.

So you see we don't give him all that free time to get into trouble. He gets lots of attention and love but doesn't have to be loose to get that. I would recommend incorporating some structure with him so he's not free like that. There really is no other option other then replace items he destroys.
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