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I had the same EXACT situation. im still living at home. i go to school in the morning and i work till 6 at night. diesel is at home usually alone but since my brother moved in he is acctually inside more... my mom said the same thing to me the dog has to go and just like you i said if the dog goes i go but as you, i have no where to go. lol.

BONES helped me so so so much.... rawhide or anything they can chew on. give it to her on a day when you are home with her all day. that way you can give her the bone when she goes for something that isnt hers. tell her no like always take away the object and replace it with a bone. make sure no one else plays with the bone or something that way she knows its hers and its good to chew/play with it.

i know its hard with parents not liking it but just sit down and talk to them.. ask them to HELP you not do it for you but help out in her learning process..

its a lot of work, i wont lie.. .but she will get it. dont get frustrated my puppy diesel is a year old and he still gets into things.

and just a thought... when diesel wants attention (from anyone) he will find somthing and take it. he wont distroy it unless you ignore him. but maybe that is why she is taking things is because she needs the attention. you are not home all the time niether is your dad. she can see your mom is home but she cant give her attention because she is watching children. so find a way to come home and see her. maybe at lunch or something just to run her energy out a little.
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