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Ok - first off, take a deep breath.

You say you've tried everything, maybe you are lacking in consistency? Chopping and changing methods will just make Menolly confused. Think of it as you giving her mixed signals.

Dogs need lots of exercise, both mentally and physically. Walk Menolly in the morning and in the afternoon, do 10 minute training session with her two-three times a day. Ensure you take treats on the walk, make a routine of it so you don't forget - and take high value treats, not things she gets everyday. Use things like sausage, cheese, kabana, cooked chicken meat etc. If you are fearful during your walks you can bet Menolly will pick up on it!

For your confidence I would recommend reading Cesar Milan's book Cesar's Way. There are some training methods I would leave (like alpha rolling), but overall the message the book gives is excellent and you will feel like there is a light bulb going off in your head when you read it.

ETA: I Would not be leaving her in her crate all day. She sounds bored and under stimulated mentally and physically, so putting her in the crate all day will make this worse.
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