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My motto is a tired dog is a good dog.

Do you have access to a treadmill at home or at a friends house? I have never tried it with Tucker but I hear they can be good to run off some excess energy.

I just thought of something else. We have a hard time with sniffing on walks too. Our neightbor took Tucker out and she just walked him down the middle of the street where there was less things to smell. I have since tried it and it does work. If they have less to smell and distract them, they walk better. I also have a game with Tucker but it requires him to sit and stay. I take him to a field, put him on a sit stay, then walk 30 to 40 yards away and give him the come command. He just runs to me. After a few times he gets tired. That might be hard with a puppy, but it might work if you had a friend to help you with the stay part.

Good Luck.
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