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My 11 wk old puppy got dewormed for the 3rd time today. About 3 hours after this, she started having really bad diarrhea. Is this normal? She's still hungry, acting fine for everything else.

A little more history - we adopted her and they had her on Pedigree food. I immediately switched her to Iams. She started having bloated stomach and diarrhea then. After reading on here, I switched her to Blue Buffalo. Instead of mixing it with the Iams (which I knew bothered her stomach) I was mixing it with rice and cottage cheese. (The dr had suggested we try that before we switched her food since she was pooping WAY too many times a day on the Iams.) I did switch her over to the Blue Buffalo faster than I should have this past week, and she seemed to tolerate it until the end of the week. Her poos would start out the day fine and get grosser as the day progressed. I assumed she had worms, hence the deworming again today. Maybe I was wrong.....

Advice? Should I go back onto the rice and cottage cheese which she seemed to handle well? Is this just the worms heading out? The vets are closed until Monday, so I can't call.

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