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My jimmy is 6 weeks old . When should i bathe him ? He eats like nothing is it normal ? He lives inside my house and he pees and do the big thing everywhere around the house . And he has ticks on him ? And maybe fleas . Is there anyway without removing ticks one by one ? is there any medicine or spray or liquid ? does salt water kill ticks ? And he is always scratching himself ? maybe because of the ticks or is it a problem ?

Thank You
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Hello & welcome

This group is great - please tell us more about you and your pup. We will help you care for your pup. There are alot of people here that have much experience in caring for dogs of all ages. It is not normal at all for a pup to have many ticks and/or fleas.

I have to go for now - at work. Please listen to advice of others here in this group.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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