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My jimmy is 6 weeks old . When should i bathe him ? He eats like nothing is it normal ? He lives inside my house and he pees and do the big thing everywhere around the house . And he has ticks on him ? And maybe fleas . Is there anyway without removing ticks one by one ? is there any medicine or spray or liquid ? does salt water kill ticks ? And he is always scratching himself ? maybe because of the ticks or is it a problem ?

Thank You
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Taking him to the vet is a good place to start. It's been 25 years since I've had a puppy but 6 weeks sounds very young for him to be away from his mother. And young to be infested with fleas/ticks. I'm not surprised that he is making pee/poop all over the house though...take him outside when he does it and be consistent with the term you use for pee/poop, may as well begin housetraining him now. Little puppies can't hold their urine long at all so take him our often.

Where did you get him?

Welcome to BW.

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