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Help me please I'm Going Crazy !

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Hello all This is my first post and I need some suggestions. My loving wife has 6 beagles yes 6 of the little boogers . Mom ,Dad and four litter mates.They are 5 months old and fighting so bad we have to separate two of them ( girls ).Dad does not like any of them we want them all to get along because my wife is so in love with them she cannot and will not get rid of any of them.Any suggestions?
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Welcome! You've beat me by one beagle. I'm not a good loser either. LOL!

My advice is to alter them ALL. You'll be amazed at the behavioural changes that will occur, to the positive side, when the equipment is removed and the inherent urge to breed is quelled. If you need help with low cost spay/neuter programs, let me know. Altering six animals at one time is costly, I can appreciate that. Some vets will do paediatric spays/neuters, i.e. under 6 months old.

You also need a plan. That's alot of dogs to deal with in one shot. Consistency, consistency, consistency, that's the key. You and your wife run the show, the dogs don't. You are the leader of the pack. They follow you, not the other way around. Six dogs is alot but it is manageable if they are all under your control. So decide how you want to work it and don't deviate from that plan. Puppy classes are fine but if you can afford it, a behaviourist to come into the home, analyze the situation and give you pointers as to how to deal with your pack would be better. You would probably pay just as much for a behaviourist as for puppy classes for four little ones.

The little ones also need proper exercise to tire them out. I have been fortunate enough to train mine to all go off-leash, it's a blessing. Easy on me and wonderful for them.

Stick around, ask questions, hang out, learn to love these precious little lives. I promise you, you will end up being as attached to them as your wife is. You're in the right place. Again, welcome!
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