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Help me please I'm Going Crazy !

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Hello all This is my first post and I need some suggestions. My loving wife has 6 beagles yes 6 of the little boogers . Mom ,Dad and four litter mates.They are 5 months old and fighting so bad we have to separate two of them ( girls ).Dad does not like any of them we want them all to get along because my wife is so in love with them she cannot and will not get rid of any of them.Any suggestions?
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First, welcome to the BW pack!

Next, pack/litter mates will get into fights. There can be many reasons.

One is, they are trying to set their pecking order (Hiarchy in the pack). Its all about dominance. (most likely)

The other is food aggression, that needs training and a watchful eye.

All I can suggest is training and consulting your vet for more help.

Hopefully others here have more suggestions.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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