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Help Me Make The Right Decision Plz

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Well I want to thank everyone for all their help and support so far with my adoption process of my new beagle. However I kinda hit a wall! I met up with the Foster Mom of the Beagle girl. When she told me the beagle was age 6-8 i thought she meant months! She MEANT YEARS! LOL She was still beautiful though and my kids met her today too. She was very calm despite my kids squeals and pats and the 3 other dogs that were barking for attention around her.

My problem now is do i want a 6-8 yr old beagle? I dont know? Its there anything wrong with us getting a older dog? Will I still be able to attempt to crate train her now that she is that old? Will there be more health concerns becuz she is older? I was told she was in good health aside from the kennel cough she got from being with the other dog at the SPCA. She is getting spayed this week as well. What are your thoughts on this? Should I adopt this older beagle or start off fresh with a puppy? Taking in mind I dont have much experience with dogs?
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Casie is 14 months old. I wanted a puppy, but I wouldn't give this grown up puppy away for anything. If your little girl is 6 - 8, she's got a lot of living to do yet....she's not old. Yes, I am thinking you'll get to the older dog problems quicker than a puppy, maybe. Or you could have a long, long life with her.
I guess my idea in adopting Casie was that even though he's not a puppy, I have lots of love to give him, he has lots of love to give us, and we'll skip the chewing, peeing, pooping, inside trips. Your kids won't have to be quite so careful with her as they would a puppy...and someone once told me, beagles are puppies till the day they die.

love her to pieces, and she'll return the gift with her own.

I think you'll be very happy with your mature girl, and I'm sure she's going to be a wonderful addition to your family.
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YAY!! Congrats!! I can't wait to see pictures!
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I am happy for you. I am sure Bella will love living with you.
I'm so glad you decided to go for it - and know you and Bella will have a happy and LONG time together!
I say go for it! Giving an older dog a new life and home made us feel so good. The older ones are so often overlooked. We adopted Sam, our second beagle at 6 years old. His problem was he didn't like other dogs but we worked around that with training. Plus no housebreaking or chewing issues. Unfortunately, health issues cannot be predicted no matter what the age.
Hi, yes i was going to say go for it.. but i see that you have already said yes. i think this is the best choice if you are a first time beagle owner. they are hard work as pups and so you can get all the fun without too much of the hard work. when we get our second beagle, it will be an older rescue for sure as Meg at 2 is still hyper and so we cant cope with 2 like that !!
let us all know how it goes. she is a lucky beagle to be coming to you.
My Daisy was about 5 1/2 when we found her and she is the most laid back, calm, sneaky (with food!), darling girl anyone could want!!

Now she is 9 and, really, she hasn't changed much at all. She takes glucosamine every day more to stave off any joint problems and still jumps up onto the bed and over obstacles she encounters outside. Her health has been good, just needed some dental work done.

So happy you took Bella. Sometimes things happen for a reason and you'll be happy you took her. She'll love you all the more for adopting her. You'll see.

Monica and Daisy
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