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Help Me Make The Right Decision Plz

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Well I want to thank everyone for all their help and support so far with my adoption process of my new beagle. However I kinda hit a wall! I met up with the Foster Mom of the Beagle girl. When she told me the beagle was age 6-8 i thought she meant months! She MEANT YEARS! LOL She was still beautiful though and my kids met her today too. She was very calm despite my kids squeals and pats and the 3 other dogs that were barking for attention around her.

My problem now is do i want a 6-8 yr old beagle? I dont know? Its there anything wrong with us getting a older dog? Will I still be able to attempt to crate train her now that she is that old? Will there be more health concerns becuz she is older? I was told she was in good health aside from the kennel cough she got from being with the other dog at the SPCA. She is getting spayed this week as well. What are your thoughts on this? Should I adopt this older beagle or start off fresh with a puppy? Taking in mind I dont have much experience with dogs?
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Add me to the wholehearted YES (!) group. It sounds to me that with your busy life an adult beagle is exactly what you need - puppies are cute but they are just soooo much work. With an adult beagle you get the joy of a beagle and a lot less of the trials and tribulations. And a 6-8 year old beagle is not old - healthy beagles can live to 12-15 years - and if our 8 year old Moosie is any indication, being that age certainly does not mean a beagle will not have a lot of energy and want to play a lot with your kids. And this dog would be so grateful to be given a second chance for a wonderful life - since unfortunately there are a lot fewer adoption possibilities for an adult than a puppy.

Keep us posted - it is a big decision but I really don't think you can go wrong with an adult beagle!
I'm so glad you decided to go for it - and know you and Bella will have a happy and LONG time together!
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