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Looking for advice, our 10 month old beagle has always been lively but the last few weeks she has been very distructive, chewing/ripping dog beds, towels, toys, furniture (anything she can get hold of) digging huge holes in the garden too! She gets long walks and runs everyday, has lots of toys and has someone home with her for most of the day, is this normal stage they go through (please someone say yes as it鈥檚 spoiling our time with her) she is very much loved and cared for but this naughty streak has to calm down 馃馃馃.

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Ohmmmm....lol. i survived puppyhood and many tears thinking what did I do getting this dog. But there is hope. I will tell you that the consensus among beagle owners is that it takes 3 years for them to calm down. My dog chewed 5 dog beds! At one point I bought a small plastic kiddie pool and tossed in old towels and toys...that was her bed for awhile..couldn't chew it. Keep your dog in a fairly restricted area...too much freedom just makes them go nuts.. have you been to a good obedience training class? I found one run by k9 sheriffs...keep training commands and talk to your dog. My dog understands what I say and my hand signals..it took a lot of repeat.
Get a clicker at the petstore..its a cheap training tool. Look at YouTube videos on how to use one..
My dog is 8yrs old now and is so much better..no destruction anymore.
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try, try, again something new....

i had a border collie who was unbelievably high strung, chewed everything, even climbed the fence! so for him i would put boxes in the yard and i would train him to jump. he needed to learn constructive behavior,it worked for him.

i always believe in spending the correct quality time, because if you don't, you still spend the time cleaning up, fixing, or scolding. So why not just create a positive world for her.

just suggestions, that may or may not work.

*walk with another dog
*have a playdate with a dog that is friendly
*train by hiding cookies in the yard (where she doesn't have to dig for them) or in the house. This behavior & work gets a reward.
*i used a spray gun on my adult beagle when she did things i didn't like (like eat poop)
*training time should be the rest of their life....even just minutes a few times per day....it creates bonds, and good behaviors.

now i have 2 beagles. one adult, one puppy. i train them after each meal 3x per day, for about 15 minutes. Then they play SO hard, and then nap. but it is lots of work, but it is all productive work.

good luck.

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Your Beagle is very cute! I agree with the posted comments. Do you crate train her? Or limit access. Full house access really has to be earned not automatic. Mine was only allowed in the kitchen for several months when she was little. When I went out she was in her kennel so she couldn't get into anything. Yes some will chew their bedding, if so take it out. Have you tried any of the bitter apple spray? Or bitter yuck? Have you tried teaching leave it? I cared for my grandkids and taught mine leave it because I didn't want her to think if a toy was on the floor it was hers. I would line toys up all over the house and if she went by them I would sternly say leave it. It worked great. Are you out in the garden with her? Dogs will dig when bored. You do have to watch them all the time and eventually they learn. If you put the time in it is worth it. Good luck!
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