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So I've been on this forum for a couple of months and just realized I never did an actual introduction or say hello!

Just to let you know my girlfriend and I are new Beagle owners (are first dog together) and love our little pup to death! Her name is Bianca, and we got her from the breeder on 9/26 at the young age of 7 weeks. She is 100% Beagle with rich blood lines as her father, Boger, was a field trial champion in the Midwest (her nose is just as strong).

Fast forward to today and she is just about 18 weeks old and is doing VERY well with her training. She is fully crate trained, potty trained, and sleeps throughout the night! She is also the star pupil according to our dog trainer which is always great to hear. Anyway, I'll quit babbling for now but you can check some pictures out of her in the Large Photo Format section of the forum.

Looking forward to contributing to this community!
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