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Hi, my names Ashlee, I'm 24 from Michigan. I have two beagles I rescued from local shelters Jake and Fancy whom are both 6. I've had Jake since Feb 06 and Fancy since Feb 07! We love having beagles! Here are my beagles. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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Hi there, Ashlee!

Jake and Fancy are as cute as can be! Thanks for taking them in. Please tell us how you came to find them...I love hearing stories like that with happy endings.

Are one of them black and white?

My Henry is a rescue from February '05. He came to us from New Orleans afte the hurricanes and he was scared and sick...now he's healthy and spoiled. It's been very rewarding seeing him loosen up and realize that we love him and won't hurt him.

Where is Sault St. Marie? It sounds French Canadian. The Great Lakes area. I've never been to the area but am intriqued by it.

Glad you found BW.

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I just looked at your web site and read their stories. Poor Jake. Two months in a shelter. It is sad to think of the dogs who don't make it out.

When I inquired about Henry, he was scheduled to be euthanized that day and they literally put a hold on it until they talked to me.

Welcome, again.

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